Here is a recipe for all lovers of hemp. It is a pesto with seeds and hemp oil. Normally a pesto is made of olive oil, basil, garlic, parmesan and pine nuts. Here, we will adapt this recipe to make it with hemp. At first, we will replace olive oil with hemp oil. For those who find that hemp oil tastes too strong and have trouble getting used to it, I recommend mixing hemp oil with another oil. For this recipe, I suggest a 1:1 mixture of hemp oil and olive oil. This mixture reduces the strong taste of hemp oil while still finding a good nutritional value.

Mélange dans un bol d'huile de chanvre et d'olive


So our pesto will consist of:

  • A mixture of 1:1 hemp oil and olive oil
  • Dry basil to taste
  • Garlic
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Hulled hemp seeds (that is, without the hull)

I will not suggest a quantities, since all these ingredients can be mixed according to your tastes. Just note that the hemp seeds will absorb the oil, so if there are too many seeds, the mixture will be pasty, so be careful. Also be careful not to overheat the pesto. Add it to pasta after cooking and warm slightly. Hemp oil is a very high quality oil and too much heat can make it lose its nutritional properties. Finally, you have to taste the mixture of hulled hemp seeds and parmesan cheese which is simply spectacular!!! Enjoy!

Post your variants in the comments section!

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