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from author Patrick Pelletier

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cover page of the book hemp : a wonder of nature

First book written on industrial hemp in Quebec, this work will inform and entertain you. Don’t miss this historic moment by ordering your copy now.

Hemp: a Wonder of Nature

Now Available!

Synopsis: This bilingual book deals with a hot topic in Canada: cannabis. It goes into detail about non-psychotropic varieties of the plant, more commonly known as industrial hemp. In an effort to summarize his findings, the author draws an overview of the plant, which has been used by humans since the invention of agriculture. In the first part of the book, the author examines various misconceptions surrounding hemp. He then delves into its rich history from a North American perspective. The following pages present the various botanical and agronomical aspects of this versatile plant before exploring its main uses. This book aims to inform and entertain its readers. Although sometimes controversial and often underestimated, hemp deserves to be known and brought back to its former glory.

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