It is also possible to use hemp seed oil in cabinetmaking or carpentry to treat the wood to ensure a good finish and increased longevity. This oil has interesting qualities when used to treat wooden kitchen instruments such as cutting boards or salad bowls. Indeed, it does not generally contain any additives from petroleum products and unlike some finished oils, such as flaxseed oil, hemp oil has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) [1] </ span> . VOCs are known to be highly toxic hazardous substances and should not come into contact with food as it could be contaminated and could make the person who is consuming it very sick.


It is possible to turn hemp oil into ink for printing or use as a base for painting. It can be an ecological alternative to inks and chemical paints. It becomes useful for products that could come into contact with people, such as children’s toys and animal products. Before, it was used to power oil lamps before the appearance of light bulbs and it was also used to lubricate the moving parts of some machines. But considering the high quality of this oil for human consumption, we can question the relevance of using it for industrial purposes. There are other oils that would be more appropriate to use, such as soybean oil.


[1] </ span>It’s best to read the label of the oil you want to buy to make sure of its harmlessness. Some manufacturers use additives, although this is quite rare.

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